Welcome.  How are you?  Or more importantly, who are you?  Who are you really, beneath the layers that you've added and edited over the decades? Who are you when you're alone, in the shelter of your solitude and under nobody's gaze?   Which parts of yourself have you denied?  Which dreams and wishes have you relegated to the shadows because you're 'too'?  Too old, too inexperienced, too sensitive, too weak, too scared, too busy, too stuck in your ways.

But WHAT IF?  What if you could start that business, leave that relationship, heal that connection, push for that promotion, set that boundary, love yourself more, take that trip.  If not now then when?

You are amazing and you are unique.  You have a life story, a wonderful glorious story that holds chapters and scenes and characters and plot twists and themes.  Nobody else has ever walked your path. You have so many  chapters still to go, and it's up to you how the story ends.

I want to know your story.  As your coach, I will listen to you  with deeply focussed attention, and I will ask you questions that nobody has ever asked you before.  Some of them will be challenging, some of them may be uncomfortable, but by really being curious about why you behave in the way you do, you'll gain a self awareness and clarity that will empower you to connect to what's important to you. I am here to support you in your awakening.  We will explore your underlying beliefs, assumptions, expectations and the way you view the world.  You will live more authentically, make better choices and focus your energy in the direction of what you really want.   

Being coached is a bit like creating a map of yourself, marking out patterns, exploring unchartered territories, discovering new terrain and ultimately identifying our true selves.  

I work with people who are committed to growth, to making a real change in their lives, people who are engaged with the work needed to get themselves exactly where they want to be.  In return, I will coach you without judgement, but with intuition, compassion, patience and a genuine belief that you can fulfil your potential.  I will hold you accountable, challenge you on your excuses, whilst being your cheerleader as you move forward.  I will empower you to grow, thrive and shine.

I don't have the answers, but I do have the questions.

My approach to coaching is holistic, meaning that I see you as a whole person, whose way of being is shaped by the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual spheres.

I draw on many different approaches in my coaching, including humanism, positive psychology, narrative Coaching, Jungian psychology, the transpersonal, spirituality. By combining a variety of approaches bespoke to your own unique way of being, we will gain insight into the subtle and subconscious drivers of your actions, behaviour, and motivations. No two people are the same, and so my approach is different with each and every client.

Together we will explore the challenges you currently have, build on what's going well in your life, and focus on options and solutions, building new habits and finding new ways to be. 

The deepest change happens when we are supported.  As your coach I will uncover and reflect back your blindspots, the things you can't or won't see and I will gently keep you on track.  

Here is just a (tiny) flavour of what coaching can cover - 

  • changing limiting beliefs that might be holding you back
  • changing negative thought patterns
  • creating a positive mindset
  • identifying your values
  • quieting the inner critic
  • rethinking a difficult relationship
  • building useful habits
  • changing your 'story'

£500 for six sessions of up to an hour (usually over a period of three months)

£950 for twelve sessions of up to an hour (usually over a period of six months)


For deep, long term, transformational change, sign up for a year's coaching - £1800 for 24 sessions (two sessions per month).

For one day workshops, please see  One day workshops for individuals

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