Youth and parent coaching 

Coaching for young adults at school, college and university Coaching for parents of young adults 

Coaching for teenagers and young adults

As well as holding a Diploma in Transformational Coaching, I am also an accredited Youth and Education Coach. As a mum I know that with all the will in the world, we as parents are not always best placed to guide our own children through the minefield of being a teenager. This is where coaching, with its non-judgemental, neutral approach can really help young adults to move through their challenges and learn tools that will empower them for the rest of their lives. Whether your child is navigating friendship issues, struggling with academic pressures, or feeling that they don't belong, coaching can have a huge positive impact. It can also provide interim support for your child while they are on a waiting list for specialist help.

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Coaching for university students

As well as holding a Diploma in Transformational Coaching, I am also an accredited Youth and Education Coach, working both privately and running workshops in schools for a charity. For some young people, university is a time of joy, new friendships and a growing sense of self -confidence and independence. For others, it can be fraught with challenges - from learning to live independently for the first time, to navigating new cities, to being immersed in a world of new people and experiences, to academic struggles. Add to that the pressure to 'know what I want to do' when they graduate, it can be a really tough time. This is a perfect gift for a graduating student.

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Coaching parents

I am both a Transformational Coach and a Youth and Education Coach. I'm also a mum of two teenagers. The teenage years can be challenging for not only the teenagers themselves, but also for us as parents, struggling to support them in a world that we ourselves didn't have to navigate when we were their age (social media, different life choices, lockdowns and online learning etc). Coaching supports you in supporting them.

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Free - parents' virtual support circle

Free monthly support circle for parents of teenagers with mental health challenges, particularly those on waiting list for NHS specialist help. 'You cannot pour from an empty jug' - it's so important that we, as parents, ensure that we look after our own wellbeing in order to be able to effectively support those we love. My intention in this small and confidential support group is to give you space to have a voice at this difficult time.

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