Coaching for university students

Coaching, with its non-judgemental, neutral approach can really help young adults to move through their challenges and learn tools that will empower them for the rest of their lives.  

Whether your child is navigating friendship issues, struggling with academic pressures, or facing an uncertain world after graduating from university, coaching can have a huge positive impact.

Making the transition from school to university is not always plain sailing, particularly in these times of Covid.  As well as homesickness, students can find it difficult to adjust to the pressures of fitting in with new social groups and norms, and organising themselves to study independently.  

Added to that is the current emphasis in our culture of exam results and academic performance as a measure of personal success.  It's no wonder that young adults are facing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress, exacerbated by lockdowns, isolation and the pressures they can feel on social media.  They are left asking themselves Who am I? and following society's narrative of  If I don't get the grades,  my life will be ruined or My success as a person depends on my academic achievements.

It's my belief that young adults need to be encouraged and supported in becoming well-rounded, happy human beings  For me, this means guiding them to shift their focus from what they have, whether that be grades, money, sporting trophies, beauty or anything else that is outside of themselves, to who they are,  allowing them to flourish in life.

True happiness, inner peace and freedom comes from knowing and understanding ourselves.  

My role as a coach is to provide your child with a confidential, safe and neutral space where they will be listened to without judgement, and given the space to reflect on what's going on in their lives and address any challenges.  It is a holistic approach, encouraging them to  look at their own lives with curiosity, in order  to gain a clarity and self-awareness that will empower them to face life's inevitable challenges with increased confidence, and a stronger sense of self.  

In a nutshell, coaching helps people fulfill their personal and social goals and find purpose in life.  

Every client is different but the kind of things I might explore are

★ Core Values - what motivates them and lights them up inside and how to use their values as their compass to find work that will fulfil them

★ World view - how they interpret their world, the filter through which they see their circumstances, how this will affect every aspect of their life, and how to consciously change it

★ Limiting beliefs - what's holding them back and how they can reframe this

★ Hopes and dreams - what would they like to do with their lives, what would be the best scenario, what would their ideal life look like and how can they get it

★ Goal setting - planning for the future, step by step, to avoid overwhelm and demotivation 

★ The power of journalling or writing a diary and the power of gratitude

★ Their own personal mission statement - what they stand for, who they are, their words to live by

Cost £500 for six sessions of up to an hour

For an informal, no obligation chat, please email me and we can book a phonecall or Zoom call.