Coaching parents - Zoom or Face to Face

The teenage years can be heavy-going for parents, it's easy to feel helpless in our children's ever changing world and its challenges. 

Coaching can support you as parent on many levels.  

'You cannot pour from an empty jug.'  We look at you as a person, outside of your role as 'Mum' or 'Dad.'  What lights you up, drives you, motivates you?  What self care strategies do you have in place to support yourself, in order to be able to support others?

Coaching gives you the space to speak openly in a non judgemental space about your challenges in supporting your child, allowing you to reflect more deeply on your own motivations and values and how they can be leveraged to create a more dynamic and positive experience at home. 

We will also work on practical tools and techniques to meet your own particular circumstances with your teen, helping you connect more deeply with them and strengthening your family bond.   This might include identifying your values, reframing negative beliefs, communication strategies, better listening skills, goal setting.  I also draw on PsychoEducation to help you better understand the teenage brain.  'Teenagers make much more sense when you understand that the frontal lobes of the brain - the part responsible for judgement, impulse control, mood and emotions - is the last part to fully develop.  So the brain just doesn't know how to regulate itself yet.  They're like Ferraris with weak brakes.'   DR FRANCES JENSEN, NEUROSCIENTIST 

Be assured that my role as a coach is not to lecture you or tell you how to handle your children, but rather to guide you to creating strategies and tools that work for you and your family.  

Ongoing coaching -

One parent   £500 for six sessions of up to an hour, taken twice a month, either Zoom or face to face or a mixture. 

Two parents £700 for six sessions of up to an hour, taken twice a month, either Zoom or face to face or a mixture. 

One day face to face workshop - One or two parents £700 

Taken at a mutually convenient date 10am-4pm.  This will take place at my home, in private comfortable surroundings, near Horsham.

This workshop gives you space to explore a variety of concerns and themes including

The current situation as you see it

Your expectations of parenthood

How you hoped the teenage years would be for your child vs the reality

The teenage brain

How you as a family handle the big emotions - sadness, anger, fear

Your communication styles and how to promote positive communication

Your core values

Your core beliefs

Self care for the parent

For deep, long term, transformational change, sign up for a year's coaching - £1,600 for 24 sessions (two sessions per month).  

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