Find your Soul.  Find your SoulMate

"If you've reached a crossroads in life and need some direction, Ruth is your satnav of life.  Helping to navigate you to your true values and goals in order to lead a fulfilled and happy life.  Ruth shows you how to listen to your inner soulful voice - would highly recommend this enjoyable and enlightening course - we all deserve compassion, feeling and depth"  Tracey, West Sussex, Autumn 2020

Are you a woman in your forties and beyond, who wants to feel excited and confident about meeting someone special, knowing that you’ve moved on from your past and are ready to connect with the love you deserve?

❤️ Are you just about to dip your toe back into the dating world after a relationship breakdown or divorce?  Do you look back at the ‘old you’ before marriage and children and wonder where she went and how you can find her again now?

❤️ Or perhaps you have been dating for years but never seem to find the good ones.  You’ve had enough of going on dead end, soulless dates where you know as soon as you meet them that they’re just not right.  Or you think they’re right but you find yourself repeating the same old patterns as in your other relationships.

❤️ or maybe you're frozen in terror at the thought of getting out there again.  Are you beating yourself up thinking 'what have I got to offer?',  'who would want me anyway?' or 'it's too late for me now.'

Ladies, listen,  before you find your soulmate you need to find YOUR OWN soul.  Before you enter into a relationship with another, you need to have a committed relationship with the one you are definitely going to spend the rest of your life with -  yourself.  When you love and know yourself deep down, when you honour your needs and your desires, then your relationship with others will be deepened.

We will cover many areas including

❤️ Becoming conscious of your past relationships - the themes and patterns

❤️ Exploring and changing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself and about love

❤️ Uncovering your unconscious vows

❤️ Learning to love yourself fully

❤️ Your core values - what motivates you and makes you happy, your unique blueprint which will be different from everyone else's

❤️ Establishing your boundaries

❤️ Decide how you want to show up in relationships that reflects the real, authentic you, and not settle

❤️ Your Love Language

❤️ Shifting your energy to attract love

❤️ Writing an effective dating profile that truly reflects who you are and what you want.

"Enlightening, empowering and thought provoking.  And forgot to include highly enjoyable.  It's taken a long time to get to know and like me.  Thanks to Ruth I am feeling more positive about myself and the future." J, West Sussex, Autumn 2020

Deep dive into getting emotionally naked with the real love of your life - yourself.  Be prepared to be honest with yourself, peeling back the layers of what makes you unique.  

You will gain a clear vision of who you are, what matters to you, and what you want from a romantic relationship.   You will be able to go into future relationships empowered,  with your eyes open, your mind curious and a bold heart.

Ladies, it is NOT too late.  Trust me, you've still got it.  What are you waiting for?

What to expect

A small gathering of up to 4 like-minded women for six sessions of up to 90 minutes each.  These will be every two weeks,  at my home, near Horsham (out of lockdown).


Online sessions for four women maximum,  for six sessions of up to 90 minutes each.   These will take place every two weeks on Zoom,

A sacred and completely confidential space for you to share, explore,  learn and be guided

Insightful ‘homework’ where you will be encouraged to reflect on your life experiences in light of our work together in each session

Lots of support, sharing and wisdom.  And laughter.

I can't wait for our journey together to start.  What are you waiting for?