Wisdom and Wonder Women's Circle
Wisdom and Wonder Women's Circle

Are you on the journey to spiritual expansion? Do you binge-read personal development books to satisfy your insatiable desire for growth? Are you looking for new, meaningful conversations, and finding it harder to find others who share your passion?  Do you feel disconnected from friends who don't 'get you' any more.


Join me for this informal, welcoming circle where we will go down the rabbit hole to explore who we are, how we show up in the world, how we can step into our power and live a life with purpose and meaning.
Each session will be a mixture of readings, the latest coaching research, discussions, guidance, sharing wisdom, uplifting each other, being each other’s cheerleaders. Together we will evolve as a group and go where the path takes us.

The circle will be a confidential space for women to connect, reflect, learn, share and grow. 

Some of the coaching themes and questions we might look at.......

How you can use every person in your life as a mirror of yourself
Your life story and its characters
Parenting from consciousness
What your values tell you about your life purpose
What threshold are you at?
Archetypes and your dreams
Self-care or self-ish?
Managing emotions
Finding motivation to attain your goals
What is your shadow side?

We will also draw on readings, teachings and meditations from some of the world’s wisest thought leaders - Eckhart Tolle, Dr Shefali Tsabary, Carolyn Myss, Carl Jung, Nancy Kline, Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay amongst many many others.

Curl up in an armchair with the brew of your choice, and cherish the sacred gift of time for yourself.

Let the wisdom and wonder begin

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