Coaching parents - Zoom, Face to Face or Phone

The teenage years can be heavy-going for parents, it's easy to feel helpless in our children's ever changing world and its challenges. 

Coaching can help you as  parent on two levels.  Firstly it gives you the space to speak openly in a non judgemental space about your challenges in supporting your child, allowing you to reflect more deeply on your own motivations and values and how they can be leveraged to create a more dynamic and positive experience at home. 

Secondly we will work on practical tools and techniques to meet your own particular circumstances with your teen, helping you connect more deeply with them.   This might include identifying your values, reframing negative beliefs, communication strategies, better listening skills, goal setting. 

Be assured that my role as a coach is not to lecture you or tell you how to handle your children, but rather to guide you to creating strategies and tools that work for you and your family.  

 £500 for six sessions of up to an hour - either phone, Zoom or face to face or a mixture

For deep, long term, transformational change, sign up for a year's coaching - £1,600 for 24 sessions (two sessions per month).