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27 Oct

It's been a funny couple of weeks. A full moon, a boiler that suddenly stopped working; a bird flying into my living room window and falling down dead, a flat car battery, a wasp sting on a cold October’s evening, a large pile of logs falling down for no apparent reason, several dreams involving cellars and bones, a fully charged phone that died mysteriously in the middle of a forest whilst I was searching for the ruins of an old abandoned church.....; maybe it’s because ‘tis the witching season or maybe just a run of minor bad luck or could it possibly be something else, a mirror of some challenges I have going on in my own life.

I have grown to see my life in terms of pictures and signs.  There is a term for this - symbolic sight. I believe that everything we see, hear and feel around us can be used as a means to gain a deeper understanding of our inner psyche and to surface unconscious thoughts that need addressing, a bridge between what’s on the outside and what we know deep down on the inside. Intuition if you will. As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.

We women are particularly good at intuition;  the deep down call of the self, our inner wise woman.  She comes out as an inkling, a hunch, a feeling, a sensing.  And she will not go away until you have acknowledged what you need to acknowledge.  The nagging voice that will not be silenced.  The whisper of the soul.

For the past couple of months I’ve had the honour of working with six amazing women on my Once Upon Your Lifetime programme.  Our Zoom sessions crackled with energy and soul as we shared things that had come up for us in our readings of four familiar fairy tales.  If you want to know who you are at your core, think about the stories and tales from your childhood, and they will reveal so much pure gold around the script you have chosen to play out in your adult life and the archetypes that influence everything from what you choose to wear to what choices you make in your personal life;  The Victim, the Saboteur, the Jester, the Queen, the Lover, the Child, the Scribe, the Hermit……….. which ones resonate with you? Which ones do you see in the people around you?

Today on my early morning dog walk, I was stunned by a field full of cobwebs covered in dew. It struck me that the spider probably never sees the full extent of its beautiful handiwork,   its head down, spinning and secreting, hang-gliding and slinging until its work is done. It reminded me of humans - we keep our heads down, we get on with our jobs and our life tasks and we rarely pause to sit back and look at the beautiful web of life that we have created, that we continue to create every day.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could rise above our lives, see them mapped out beneath us  from a bird’s eye view?  Take a step back and imagine you’re an all knowing goddess or that you’re sitting on a star and can see your whole life spun out beneath you. Look at the maze of threads and silks you have spun in your lifetime - the latticework, the patterns, the geometry, the results of all the single threads you have set in motion over your lifetime.   Ask yourself:   What is my next thread?  Where will it take me?   What is possible? What is my legacy?

Current coaching offerings

One to one coaching - there is nothing I like more than working with my clients to reflect on and sometimes untangle the web of their life, identifying what needs to change, and what needs to be nourished. When I work with you, I am completely focussed and committed to guiding you to make the changes you so desire.  Work with me for six or more sessions and experience deep transformational change.

Gift vouchers - how about putting Coaching on your Christmas list or gift six sessions of Coaching to someone in your life. Transformational Coaching is the gift of transformation, deep change, and reconnection with self.  What better present than that?Please contact me for details.

Wisdom and Wonder Women’s Circle - Join me for this informal, welcoming circle where we will go down the rabbit hole to explore who we are, how we show up in the world, how we can step into our power and live a life with purpose and meaning.

Each session will be a mixture of readings, the latest coaching research, discussions, guidance, sharing wisdom, uplifting each other, being each other’s cheerleaders. Together we will evolve as a group and go where the path takes us

Break-Up Detox - A group workshop for you if you are currently going through a break up or have recently ended a relationship. Held over 4 consecutive weeks, it will enable you to learn tools to handle this emotional rollercoaster, rediscover who you are and what you want out of life, and move on with grace and strength. Exploring your break up story and how it may be holding you back, the stages of loss that you are likely to go through, how to ride the emotional rollercoaster; overcoming limiting beliefs, who you are and what you want, getting ready for the rest of your wonderful life

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The Call of the Self - Face to face women’s workshop to be held at my home in West Sussex

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