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17 Mar

When clients  first come to me, they often feel a lack of meaning in their lives.  They are asking themselves questions such as  How can I make my life worthwhile?  Who am I?  What's life all about?  I have no meaning in my life.

My response comes from my own self-exploration and inner knowing.  Our life purpose is to view life as a series of experiences from which to learn and grow, and then to pass on this wisdom to others, in order to lift the vibration of the whole of humanity, one person at a time.

So what does lifting the vibration actually mean?  We are all energy.  Our energy affects others.  You can think of it as 'rubbing off' on others.  We've all been in a situation when we're instantly and inexplicably drawn to someone.  We feel at ease straight away, we relax, we let our guard down.  And similarly we've all met someone and felt that sense of our hackles rising, we feel awkward or uncomfortable around them, again for no logical reason.  That's energy right there.

When we judge, criticise, shame, blame attack or close ourselves off to ourselves or others, we lower our vibration, we metaphorically darken the room, ourselves, the world.  

When we accept, love, encourage, empower, nurture and open our hearts to ourselves and others, we raise the vibration, the room lightens, our hearts life.  

A kind of spiritual osmosis

Caroline Myss talks about the Enchanted Stranger archetype, the person who crosses your path only fleetingly, and yet leaves you moved in some way, big or small.  It might be someone you get chatting to on the train that recommends a book that then changes your life. It might be a conversation you overhear that resonates with something in your own life and enables you to make a big decision.  It might be someone paying you a compliment on a day when you're struggling to put one foot in front of the other.  It might be somebody slowing down in their car and letting you out of a busy junction when you're late to pick your children up from school.  

Journeying through life, learning from our experiences, both painful and pleasurable, and seeking out opportunities to share our wisdom with others is what gives our life meaning

Be the enchanted stranger.  Bless someone else's day.  Extend grace to someone even when you feel they don't deserve it, because we never really know what's going on in somebody else's life.  Spread joy, share wisdom, connect to the life-affirming bliss that comes from knowing that you have been of service, even in the smallest way, to another human being.  

Seek the extraordinary conversation, give pack, be in pursuit of opportunities to lift others, search for the magic in other people and reflect it back to them.  Sprinkle nuggets of kindness and good energy.  Choose to be the person who restores someone's faith in humanity, and in turn restore your own faith.  Leave a mini legacy every day.  When you go to bed, look back on a day well spent, even if it was just smiling at someone on the street.  Plan for tomorrow - where can you bring some small magic into the lives of others?  

Days roll into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, years into a lifetime.  And a life in service to lifting others is the greatest and most rewarding gift you can give to yourself.

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